I'm Beth

Let me take this weight off your shoulders.

My mission is to relieve you of any anxieties you have been experiencing by offering informed, practical, and comforting counsel that speaks to your unique life and family.

for reaching out and inviting me to work with you to resolve the sleep difficulties that your family is facing! I am so sorry that you have been experiencing these disruptions and I would love to support you through and past this. 

I have the fresh, holistic take on sleep that you have been looking for. You will leave every interaction with me feeling deeply supported and truly refreshed.


I would like to get to know your family and develop a sleep plan as unique as each member of your family in a team effort to meet the needs of the whole family unit.

thank you


Meet Beth


I have loved caring for other people’s babies since I was in middle school and was trusted with both toddlers and newborns from a young age. I have my bachelor's degree in human biology from Biola University, I taught in Irvine Unified School District in Southern California as a middle school science & health teacher for three years, and then I became a mommy and I have been home with my babies since then. I was born and raised a California girl until we moved our family to the Kansas City area in December of 2019. As a mommy to three little ones, ages 3 years, almost 2 years, and 3 months, my time is spent at parks, play dates, Target, & Chick-fil-A.


As a certified sleep consultant, I will be the middle ground between the advice of your pediatrician and mommy friends since my background in science, experience as a classroom teacher, current mommy life, and specialty maternity/infant/child sleep education has given me the perfect blend of experiences to be able to sympathize with your difficulties and offer proven strategies to guide your family through and past this. My approach is team-led, meaning that I support the parents and child equally in the process of improving sleep. I NEVER recommend cry-it-out, but use a holistic method that uses all we know about our little ones' brains and bodies to naturally achieve improved sleep.


I am a natural reader and researcher, so when my own babies were born I read about popular sleep methods and combined those tools with my own understanding of the human body and brain to meet all of my babies’ physical, sensory, mental, and emotional needs to set them up for quality sleep. Becoming accredited by the International Parenting and Health Institute in the Holistic Science of Sleep Method was a perfect fit for me because this method allows me to find the root of the problems that are causing the sleep disruptions, mend those, and use minimal behavioral tools to achieve naturally full, restful nights of sleep and quality naps for infants and toddlers. 


What this means for you is that I use holistic, science-based, proven techniques with minimal to zero tears to meet the sleep needs of your entire family.

How can Beth help?

What is Beth's philosophy?