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“Beth was wonderful and easy to work with! She really adapted our conversations to my specific situation, and gave me plenty of simple but useful advice which eased some of the worry and stress I had built up. She also brought up some excellent safety concerns and solutions that I never would have thought of, to keep (pregnant) me and our children safe and healthy. Thanks Beth!” ​

“I highly recommend Beth as your newborn/toddler sleep consultant! Beth was so helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable! She listened, addressed our concerns, and answered all of our questions. She even gave us a detailed document to reference with everything she explained. You can tell Beth has a passion for helping families gain restorative sleep!”​

Melissa’s mom, 16 months old

Brielle’s mom, 18 months

“Beth gave us clear, concrete steps to help our 3 year-old stay in bed through the night and tools for when she inevitably decided to test her new boundaries.  Within a week, Lilah was sleeping again! We are so happy we found Beth!”

Lilah’s mom, 3.5 years old

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Additional Reviews

"Beth was very helpful with explaining what my daughter’s needs were. She also helped me to establish a better schedule and habits to ensure my daughter was getting the sleep she needed. My daughter was sleeping through the night within a week!!"

Alexandria's mom, 12 months

"If you're wondering whether or not Beth's services are worth the extra expense, the answer is undoubtedly yes! As a first time mom I felt totally lost for the first few weeks. I found myself turning to the internet for all of my questions and found myself completely overwhelmed and more confused than ever. Too many people, too many opinions! Beth was my go-to gal for sound advice that I knew I could trust. Beyond developing a sleep strategy, she was there for those late night crying sessions and early morning feedings to tell me, "no Ricki, you're not a total failure. We will figure this out together and he'll be back on track in no time." I'm so glad that I found Beth! My little man has been sleeping through the night since 4 weeks old! I'm a first time mom and I am getting 9 hours of sleep a night! This gives me the extra energy I need during the day to actually enjoy my little guy. I think there is a societal assumption that motherhood means you will never sleep again and are destined to walk around like a zombie for the first year. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR REALITY! There are things you can do from the start to set yourself up for success down the road and Beth will help you navigate this process."

Javi's mom, 2 months old

Working with Beth was such a relief! Although my current situation (quarantined with not-so-supportive-family-members) was not ideal for sleep training, Beth gave me the insights/tips/advice/and SUPPORT that I so desperately needed. Beth is incredibly sympathetic and insightful and just what a mom needs during the trying times of a sleepless baby! I was so impressed with Beth's prompt responses and availability. She was also great about meeting us where we were and then adapting her recommendations and our plan based on our changing circumstances. Sleep training is by far one of the most worthwhile investments when you have a baby and I would highly recommend Beth!

Aila's mom, 3 months old

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