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Treat Yourself to Something...



Baked fresh to order

Promoting your milk supply

Pair with a spoonful of your favorite nut butter for a complete hearty snack that feels as good as it tastes with what it is accomplishing in your body for the benefit of your baby!


Order Cookies

To get these cookies in your belly, please take the time to fill out the information below!


Beth's lactation cookies are hearty chocolate chip oatmeal cookies full of flax seed and brewer's yeast to promote your milk supply. Without being overly sweet, these cookies have the perfect balance of supporting your body in the task of breastfeeding while tasting like the sweet treat you need. Beth's lactation cookies are baked fresh in this mama's kitchen to order for pick up or delivery. Let me put some goodness on your plate while you snuggle your sweet baby!


Lactation Cookie Prices

Full batch - 30 cookies - $28

Half batch - 15 cookies - $15

Pick-up and Delivery Fees

Pick-up at Beth's home in Overland Park, KS - No Charge

Delivery within 5 miles of Beth's home at 9:30am or 4pm - $5

Delivery within 10 miles of Beth's home at 9:30am or 4pm - $8

Cookies freeze well or should be consumed within a week stored on your kitchen counter. 

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